Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space marks its 4th Global Anniversary

By , on January 30, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 2 months ago

WFS Inc is celebrating the latest update for its gacha JRPG Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space. Version 2.14.510 marks the 4th Anniversary of the game's global release, and brings a new character to recruit and a host of campaigns offering free rewards.

Our new recruit goes by the name of Iphi, a vampire who once served as the right hand of their king in the Underworld. Always seen with their bat familiar and carrying a coffin wherever she goes, she may seem the type you would want to avoid, however, her skills in battle are quite handy indeed.

When the battle starts, Iphi will grant her allies one stack of Blood Contract, an incredibly handy status. Any attack that would damage all allies is instead directed to the rightmost ally with the status, dealing twice the damage. Whilst this does sound nasty, if a player under Blood Contract dies and Iphi is in the frontline and able to move, the character will restore 100% health and lose the stack, giving you a pretty sturdy team.

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To help you pull for Iphi, all players will receive 1000 Chronos Stones if they log in before 27th February, quite a big grace period. For more Stones, you can net an increased 50 daily each day you log in before February 9th, giving you ample wealth to try your luck.

The Whisper of Time Drop Campaign also gives players a chance to hoard up to 10 drops before 20th February. Once per day, you can use the Whisper of Time to get one drop, and when you have ten of these, a Whisper of Time Drop encounter can be initiated, for a 5 Star class Guaranteed. Don’t wait too long when you collect them though, as they expire on March 22nd.

If the promise of all this plunder has got you excited then download Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space from the App Store or Google Play now.