Crunchyroll Games announces partnership with Capcom to develop new RPG Street Fighter: Duel

By , on February 1, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 2 months ago

Fans of the storied Street Fighter series can rejoice, as a mobile RPG called Street Fighter: Duel is heading for iOS and Android. Developed by Crunchyroll Games, who handle pretty much every mobile anime RPG ever, there is a solid base to build on for this game to really be something fun.

You will get the chance to recruit more than 40 famous characters to form your team, such as Akuma, Chun-Li and, of course, Mr Hadouken himself, Ryu. After forming your pugilistic party, you will set off on an original adventure across the globe to combat Seth and the Shadaloo’s mech clone army.

The fighting takes place using a real-time RPG system where you will need to manage your team's moves and health. As you adventure with your favourite fighters you will level them up, making them all around stronger but also gaining access to even more moves to bust out. You can even deck the characters out in exclusive skins, with new ones scheduled to drop frequently.

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The General Manager of Crunchyroll Games, Terry Li, shared his enthusiasm for being involved with the legendary fighting series, saying “Street Fighter has been an iconic game for generations, and we know anime fans love to go on exciting adventures with beloved characters”

“We’re excited to collaborate with Capcom to bring Street Fighter: Duel and its incredible roster of iconic fighters to anime and gaming fans alike.”

As of now, there are 70K budding fighters signed up in the pre-registration campaign, and it is worth adding your name to the roster to rack up some neat prizes for a head start. Depending on the final number, you could net a chestful of cash, gems, an exclusive Avatar Frame and more.

To sign up for the campaign and keep up to date with further developments, visit Street Fight: Duel's official website now.