Neowiz announces new costumes and a strong Mercenary in BraveNine Storys’ Valentine’s content

By , on February 14, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 3 months ago

In a rather mistimed scheduling of events, Neowiz has announced the first-ever Valentine’s Celebration for its RPG BraveNine Story, which is kicking off the day after Valentine’s Day, naturally. From February 15th through March 14th you will be able to collect themed costumes and numerous in-game goodies.

As amusing as the launch date is, the prizes are nothing to laugh at. For starters, all players will have to opportunity to recruit the five-star Mercenary Angelica during a 7-day limited mission. This will activate when you log in, and you will be tasked with collecting points by completing missions, taking part in activities such as an Arena Match, and other such content. When you have enough, simply exchange them for 100 Soul Stones and recruit the Six Devils Mercenary Angelica.

When you log in throughout the week to try to recruit Angelica, you’ll also be completing the requirements for Valentine’s content. Those that log in for five cumulative days during the event will receive a Valentine’s costume for Bathory, and then seven days will earn you 140 Bathory Soul Stones. The more days you log in, the more rewards you get, including Soul Tickets, Diamonds, and Ancient Coins.

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Finally, Slime and gifts dedicated to Sweeping have also been added, giving you the chance to earn mercenary EXP and Sincerity EXP through the Sweeping function, and playing through the Very Hard mode of the Adventure Book you will be able to start collecting Soul Stones. Outside of new content, there have been a few quality-of-life system updates to make the game better for players, such as adjustments to the balance of the arena and a few of the mercenaries.

If the idea of recruiting a strong new 5 Star or playing dress up with Bathory intrigues you, make sure to download BraveNine Story from the App Store and Google Play now so you don’t miss the event.