Uncharted Waters Origin recieves a global release date and new trailer

By , on March 2, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 1 month ago

Line Games Corporation has announced the global release date for their upcoming seafaring sandbox RPG, Uncharted Waters Origin. Launching March 7th, aspiring captains do not have long to wait to take to the high seas and start to rule the waves.

Uncharted Waters Origin is the latest in the acclaimed series, taking advantage of the 30 years of sailing legacy the franchise has amassed. Developed by KOEI Techmo Games and Motif, Line Games affiliate, Origin is set up to succeed, being based on the series' most popular titles, Uncharcter Water II: New Horizons and Uncharted Water: Gaiden.

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As well as giving us a release date, we have also got a new Cinematic Trailer, just to make us all a little more impatient. The trailer shows the clash between two sailors who took to the waves during the age of discovery but with different motives. One explorer who wishes to continue his families legacy, and a pirate consumed with a vengeance. It shows some pretty locations you could visit, but more importantly, it could be showcasing two of the ways you can direct your journey on the sea; a peaceful route, or one of blood.

Upon its global launch, Origins will support English, Japanese, and Chinese, which admittedly is not a lot. Hopefully, the co-developers are planning to add more fairly quickly, as it will be a shame if not everyone will be able to enjoy what is shaping up to be a fun jaunt on the open seas.

If you are yet to pre-register for Uncharted Waters: Origins, then you definitely should make sure you get some of the campaign rewards. As of now, all but one milestone has been reached, so the hard work has already been done. Head over to the App Store and Google Play now to pre-order, and get your hands on a brand-new ship, armor, cloak, and more.