Eversoul developers unveil a new 15 Soul PvP mode called the Champs Arena

By , on March 10, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 3 months ago

One of the most fun aspects of gaming is testing yourself against other players to see who is best, and now players of mobile RPG Eversoul have a brand new PvP mode to partake in. As long as you have passed Battlefront stage 5-1, you can enter the Champs Arena and engage in the 15-soul battle supreme.

When you enter you will be faced with a choice of three difficulties; low, medium, and high, all pretty self-explanatory. Once you pick what tier you want to go at, you will be tasked with preparing three different squads of five souls, and what order you want them to battle your opponents in. It’s not often you see PvP fights of this size, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

The combat will unfold automatically, and ultimate skills won’t be used however there is a time limit that if you exceed, you lose. This is a rather strategic test of players' team-building skills and a true showing of how strong the depth of your roster is. For a little boost, the Treasure Card system grants you the chance to use booster cards for a buff during these fights, which will be no doubt essential.

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When you emerge victorious you will gain rewards based on how many points you scored during the fight. You will also rise through the ranks which you will want to do in order to reap the best prizes for your daily and weekly standings. You can fight up to five times a day for free, then cash in some Champs Arena Tickets for extra attempts if you so wish.

To celebrate this release, you can get yourself double victory rewards from the Champs Arena until March 22nd, so anyone wanting to provide themselves with the best should download Eversoul now from the App Store and Google Play.