Pumpkins Knock Down recieves huge new update with big new feature

By , on March 14, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 1 month ago

EnterDC Games have launched a new update for its popular puzzle game Pumpkins Knock Down, adding a myriad of new content. As well as new labels and some new looks, you shall also meet a new character that will fast become your newest arch-nemesis in gaming, The General.

Pumpkins Knock Down is a puzzle game that tasks you to use a slingshot in order to fire some rather robust tomatoes at a myriad of structures in order to cause a reaction that vanquishes your pumpkin foes. It is not as straightforward as that of course, with a variety of in-game elements causing you a headache and twisting your trajectory, such as magnets, hydraulics, and ropes. On the plus side, however, if you master them you can no doubt pull off some jaw-dropping trick shots.

One of the biggest new additions to the levels is the General character, a high-ranking tomato that has rather unhelpful gone and gotten themselves stranded in enemy territory. Instead of being clever and moving out of the way, the General instead elects to just chill, causing players to have to aim their shots even more carefully to avoid friendly fire, which given that games like this are pure chaos with every bit of the screen collapsing, makes things very difficult indeed. If the General falls, you fail the level and must restart.

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Beyond this behatted nuisance, EnterDC Games has also added quite a bit more content for players to get their hands on. New levels have of course been added to give you some new buildings to smash, there have been new graphics added to add a bit more spectacle to the pumpkin sabotage, and a host more to discover besides.

To start showing those pumpkins why they should be consigned to Halloween, download Pumpkins Knock Down now from Google Play.