Mobile behemoth Raid Shadow Legends is getting a limited animated series starting May 18th

By , on March 15, 2023
Last modified 11 months, 2 weeks ago

In a move that was only a matter of when and not if, Plarium has announced an upcoming limited animated series for its runaway monolith of a mobile RPG, Raid Shadow Legends. Entitled Raid: Call of the Arbiter, the series will consist of 10 five-minute weekly episodes starting May 18th.

Raid Shadow Legends is probably one of the most widely known mobile games, not least because of its humorous adverts that seem to show up everywhere that you look. It has racked up over 75 million downloads throughout its life and grossed in excess of 1 billion dollars, and it is a surprise that there hasn’t been a series made already.

The series is set in the land of Teleria, a place that has been seemingly abandoned by its gods and has been ripped apart by a variety of warring factions locked in unending battle, which sounds like a good way to get a lot of the characters in. Pulled from the game’s core lore, the central character is named the Arbiter, an ancient guardian who is putting together a team of champions to try and defeat the darkness and bring the world back from the brink.

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Starting off on the right foot, Call of the Arbiter is being produced by Eric Rollman, the CEO of Rollman Entertainment, and former president of Marvel Television and Animation, who had a key role in sparking the success of the Power Rangers franchise. One of his more recent projects was as supervising producer of Netflix's original Skylanders Academy, so he has previous experience in gaming animation.

The series showrunner also comes highly recommended, the industry veteran and founder of Lex+ Otis, Jay Oliva. Oliva has directed a number of high-profile animated films for Marvel and DC, including The Dark Knight Returns and the Young Justice series. Bringing together such talent will hopefully result in a rather entering show.

If you want to get up to date on the current Raid lore before the series dumps a host of new stuff, download Raid Shadow Legends now from the App Store and Google Play.