Seven Knights 2 is hosting a variety of campaigns throughout March to commerate its anniversary

By , on March 16, 2023
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In a bit of a strange milestone to memorialize, Seven Knights 2 is hosting a variety of special in-game events to commemorate its 500th Day Anniversary. Players will get a host of rewards for free, and be able to complete missions to get even more powerful rewards.

To celebrate, there are three big events you can take part in until April 12th. To begin, there is the obligatory check-in event. If you log in for 14 days you can claim various rewards, from 5,000 Rubies, Legendary Hero Selection Tickets, and a 500th Day Celebration Special Box.

The Check-In Mission Event will give new and returning players a chance to complete various missions for some extra rewards. These missions include checking in, buying at the Mole Shop, summoning items, and more. New players will net rewards such as Legendary Hero Alice Soulstone and 5000 Rubies, whereas returning players will get items such as Legendary Hero Selection Tickets and Upgrade Dungeon Tickets.

By playing during the event, you will get 500th Day Celebration Special Coins that you can trade at the Event Shop, for stock such as another 500th Day Celebration Chest, a Wolf Profile Icon, Mythic Upgrade Stones, Light Crystal Shard Packs, and more.

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If you are a fan of your pets, then make sure to take part in these three events until March 29th. Through the March Petstival Mission Event, dispatching your pets will yield you 600th Day Celebration Special Coins, Pet Fragment Chests, and Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, so you will be sending your current pets out to find their replacement, your monsters.

The Pet Special Mission Event will reward you with 500th Day Special Coins and Pet Fragment Chests by clearing the Upgrade Dungeon, using Map, or enhancing Equipment, so just playing the game. Depending on the number of Pet Step-Up Summonings used you can get even more Coins, Chests, and Legendary Pet Summon Vouchers.

Finally, using Cosette’s Bullet got from completing missions, players can exchange them for rewards such as the 500th Day Celebration Special Coins, Pet Fragment Chests, Mythic Upgrade Stones, and more.

You can download Seven Knights 2 now from the App Store and Google Play.