Vikingard kicks off the second part of its crossover with hit TV show Vikings

By , on March 21, 2023
Last modified 1 year ago

It has been a while since the first part of the Vikangard crossover with the Vikings began, so long in fact that this writer forgot it was a two-partner, but nevertheless! Players can now enjoy the expansion to the crossover story, lasting for the next two months.

Vikingard is a casual simulation RPG, where you play as a Viking, surprisingly. As the leader of the Fharun tribe, it is up to you to bring your clan to prosperity through adventure, claiming new land, managing your crops, and raiding alongside your fierce Hersir warriors. In short, it was a natural choice for a crossover with the hit TV show Vikings.

Part two will focus on seasons three and four of the show, following the exploits of Ragnar’s eldest son, Bjorn. Those who have seen the show will know that season four especially is when Bjorn began to take a leading role in his tribe, so this will be an interesting adventure to go along on. Players will be able to recruit both Borhn and Ubbe for their army, with Bjorn having four different skins for his ranks.

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To celebrate the launch of this second part, Vikangard is holding a pre-launch event with special log-in rewards to get you geared up to tackle the new story content. You will be able to accompany Bjorn across eight missions making up his brand-new storyline, with these quests featuring unique minigames. They include Bjorn’s battle with a bear, rescuing Mercia, and battling Mercia, because what are Vikings without plenty of fights?

If you are looking to be a bit special then you can always throw some money at the special crossover packs, and complete the special missions. The rewards include new Hersirs, character skins, and a story album. Additionally, the crossover event unlocks a Game Icon, an Avatar Border, and a Crossover Avatar.

Vikingard is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.