Black Desert Mobile unveils its latest playable class

By , on March 29, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 2 months ago

Pearl Abyss has recently released its latest class for you to play as in Black Desert Mobile, introducing the elemental wielder Igneous. To celebrate this new release, there is a multitude of events ongoing to get you geared up for your new character.

To give you a proper headstart, the Igneous Level Up Event will give you the chance to claim a host of items such as 5 Relic Chests, and 1000 Black Pearls if you reach Level 70 before April 24th. For more power, the Igneous Unravels His Arcana event is on until April 10th, which will let you collect and trade Arcana for a host of in-game materials needed to improve your character stats.

Igneous is the master of the elements, and as such you will have four active skills to start with to trap your enemies and pelt them with fiery fury. Aqua Jail Explosion is your control skill, creating a barrier of ice-cold water to trap your foes, and then take them down in a powerful explosion.

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Calamity taps into Igneous’ rage, exploding a wide area in burning flames and causing damage over time to your enemies. Bolide of Destruction summons a powerful fireball and casts it into the ground, knocking your enemies down. If you combine this with qs you will increase the fireball size for wider damage.

Finally, Savantgarde is a buff skill that protects Igneous with elemental resistance, increasing his power in both water and fire. Use this to prep yourself before charging up your Bolide of Destruction and you will be dealing some real damage. Igneous’ skill set is definitely more of a strategic loadout, you might not be able to charge through enemy lines, but if you put in some planning you'll dominate the battlefield.

To try out this new character, make sure you download Black Desert Mobile now from the App Store and Google Play.