Blue Archive hosts its biannual sport festival and releases three new students

By , on March 30, 2023
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

It is a special time for players of Blue Archive, as the biannual Kivotos Halo Festival has kicked off. Players will be able to reap the benefits of some log-in bonuses, take part in athletic events, and recruit three new students.

The Kivotos Halo Festival is a major athletic event that is held biannually, one of those annoying vague words that in this case means every two years. This year, however, the event seems unlucky, as the story follows our students overcoming a series of accidents the day before the opening ceremony.

There are three new students ready to take part in the Festival that you can recruit. Utaha (Cheer Squad) is a Mystic-type Striker hailing from the Millennium Science School, with an EX skill that appropriately strengthens her turrets for 90 seconds, because we can always use more science with our science.

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Her schoolmate, Noa, is also a Mystic-type Stiker, with an EX Skill that draws focus on the designated enemy for 40 seconds, whilst also reducing their defense, making them a prime target for a focused attack. Finally, Hibiki (Cheer Squad) is an Explosive-striker, with an EX skill to deal AOE damage, with additional DOT for 120 seconds. You can recruit her through the event missions as well.

The Halo Festival Grand Opening Login Bonus has also launched, rewarding those who log in before April 11th with a daily 100 Pyroxenes. If you manage to get on for seven days, you’ll also nab the SSR Field Day Trophy Case furniture. Additionally, the Kivtotos Halo Festival Cheer Practise is ongoing until April 14th. If you manage to click the Pom Pom 35 times in 20 seconds, you’ll get yourselves 600 Pyroxenes, five Artifct Choice Tickets, and 10 Advanced Tactical Training blu-ray Choice Tickets, as well as a no doubt sore finger.

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