Spring has come to Play Together and it is the season of Cherry Blossoms

By , on March 31, 2023
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

Spring has arrived and disrupted all of our oven clocks but has also brought the spirit of the season to Haegins' social network game Play Together. The cherry blossoms are blooming and there is plenty to take part in on Kaia Island to celebrate the new season.

As you wander around the island, you will notice charry blossom petals falling from the sky. In addition to looking pretty, these can also be collected with bug nets, and then you can take them to the Kaia Workshop and craft them into beautiful, and since they are petals probably flimsy, themed furniture until the event ends.

To match your new furniture, make sure you complete the new themed events such as Build-A-Cherry Blossom Missions, as you will get yourself some nice-looking clothes. You can even grab some accessories through the Cherry Blossom Attendance event. You will nab gifts such as a Themed Draw Ticket, and a Cherry Blossom Hairpin simply by logging in daily.

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Complete the look by obtaining one of the new Fox pets, by visiting the Plaza and picking up a Fox Egg, just go with it. By caring for this not-bird egg, you’ll hatch yourself one of four Foxes, or if you are really lucky, the legendary Cherry Fox. Of course, with this new pet, you’ll need to be responsible and get a comfier house for them, and coincidentally you can.

The Kaia Island Move-in Support event will task residents to clear missions to grab some very nice rewards, however, they will take you seven days. It is worth it though, as you can get yourself a sprout-themed costume, a scooter to ride around on, and even a house to move into. Starting April 7th, you will also be able to obtain the new Sky Isle house.

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