Prepare to protect your Beans with the release of Dumb Ways to Die 4

By , on May 4, 2023
Last modified 1 year ago

Striking whilst the iron is hot thanks to the viral success of its Tik Tok trend, PlaySide Studios has announced the launch of its newest mobile entry, Dumb Ways to Die 4. Taking back the action to the minigames that made the series so popular, the developers are hoping to recapture the original magic.

You will be able to guide your Beans through more than 70 minigames at launch across a range of different locations, with a variety of goals. Fast thinking and actions will be a requirement to overcome the frantic and somewhat surprising challenges to rescue your little fellows. As you do, you will help to rebuild Beanville and unlock special characters that will provide boosts to the games.

When discussing the new title, PlaySides GM Mobile, Danny Armstrong, said “For this ninth entry in the Dumb Ways to Die mobile game universe, we wanted to go back to the manic minigames people have long associated with the series. Think of Dumb Ways to Die 4 as the love child of the original Dumb Ways to Die game and Dumb Ways to Die 2”

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“With the success of the recent Dumb Ways TikTok trend, the original Dumb Ways to Die game topped the iOS game charts in 43 countries. As Dumb Ways to Die 4 has a similar feel to the original game, those who downloaded the mobile title for the nostalgia of the game are set to really enjoy the latest release”.

Despite the attempts to branch the Dumb Ways franchise into other mediums, including a card game and a PC battle royale, PlaySide has made clear their loyalty to the core mobile franchise, with plans to utilise the Netflix Games platform further, with more planned for 2024 and beyond.

Dumb Ways to Die 4 can be downloaded now from the App Store and Google Play.