MoreFun Studios announces big update for Arena Breakout beta

By , on May 10, 2023
Last modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago

MoreFun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, have announced an update to the Global Closed Beta for their tactical first-person shooter Arena Breakout. You can now enjoy a heap of new gameplay, and there is a surprise in store for those veterans of betas.

There is a myriad of new features to delve into, starting with a Female Character Model to play as. You will also be able to kit out your own Trophy Room with collectables, weapons and more as you adventure, plus the Armor Case storage now allows for rolled-up equipment.

If you are a fan of the stylish executions, the Kill Cam offers a replay feature to bask in your best shots or relive their last moments. Teams are also getting a big boost, as you can now share supplies between yourselves. Voice commands can also be mapped to the Custom Quick Chat menu for those clear instructions under fire.

As thanks to those who helped shape development, the developers have introduced a new Returner Rewards system in this round. Players who have taken part in past Closed Beta Tests will be flagged as Returner members, who will be gifted additional rewards of Koen, gear, and weapon bundles based on XP and Koen storage during update.

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It is worth noting however that the rewards will only be eligible for players who use the same account from previous betas and create a character in the first week of Global CBT, so if you had a chance to play the past Betas, act fast. Unfortunately, you need an account linked to Facebook, Google, Apple or email, so if you played as a Guest you are out of luck.

In a pretty inclusive move that you don’t see very often, MoreFun Studios have released a LITE version of Arena Breakout. Contrary to how it sounds, this isn’t a version missing features, but rather one that has been scaled back to 800MB of memory and contains all the gameplay of the original. It is a commendable effort to ensure players with any device can give it a whirl.

To get into the action, download the Arena Breakout Beta from Google Play now, or grab the Lite version if you don’t have a beefy device.