Lost Light introduces a new map and Pets to the exclusion zone for Season 6

By , on May 15, 2023
Last modified 11 months, 1 week ago

Lost Light is entering its sixth season, and boy is it chock full of some exciting new features. Take to the battlefield with a new canine friend, make use of the Thermal Glasses to locate enemies, and explore Kaido, a brand new map of secrets guarded by a fierce new boss.

Kaido is a labyrinth of secrets and surprises, such as its vast Air Duct passages for you to do your best John McClane impression or a plethora of rooms that hide their own secrets. There are even holographic projections that will give away enemy locations, which will assist in taking down The Priest. Be wary though, as you will also need to combat the new toxic weather phenomenon, Pheromone Rain.

The exclusion zone can be a lonely place but fret no more as Pets have been added to Lost Light. Your new canine chums can carry supplies for you and even fight alongside their master. You can deepen your bond by interacting with them in The Shelter, not that you need a reason but it's nice to have one, with a higher affinity unlock more features, such as the Retrieval ability to get you some items. For those kind-hearted individuals too afraid to bring a dog to a warzone, don’t worry, as you can get a robot one instead.

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If you are a fan of broken mechanics then good news; there is a new item called Module you can use to enable the Thermal Glasses, which in turn detects enemies behind cover. This combat-altering ability will allow you to plan your offences which much more accuracy and pull off pin-point attacks. Defenders can reduce their body temperature to escape the glasses, but in doing so you would still be a sitting duck as you try not to trigger it with movement.

To scratch that creative itch, head over to the new Skin Customization System. Doing what it says on the tin, you can now create your own personalized weapon skins, with an in-depth system letting you change specific parts of your weapon with individual styles, to make an ungodly Chimera of un-fashionable terror.

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