Prepare to step into a brand new world with upcoming MMORPG Tarisland

By , on May 16, 2023
Last modified 11 months, 2 weeks ago

There is a new player making their way onto the MMORPG scene later this year, and its name is Tarisland. There hasn’t been a lot announced yet, however, what has been said certainly sounds like this will be one to watch, much like the announcement trailer.

When the universe was born, there were three primordial gods; Leith, Acheron, and Moira. If a planet began or ended, these three were behind it, with their own values and points of view. As life sprouted on a planet named Taris, tensions boiled over and the Triangular Conflict began, and it will be up to you to oppose the threat of Acheron.

The character customisation looks pretty robust, offering a choice of nine different classes to play as, from the supportive Bard to the unruly Barbarian. Each of these comes with two specialisation trees and over 40 talents to embrace. For example, the Ranger can be a crit-heavy hunter, or tame beasts to fight by their side. There are also free allocations of attribute points when you level up for a truly unique playstyle.

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Creating a fair and level playing field for every user is a priority for the developers, so Tarisland is strictly not pay-to-win. Attribute-enhancing items can only be traded, and in-game resources are exchanged directly between players. This dedication to fairness will hopefully create a thriving PvP scene when the game launches.

When announcing the game, Tarisland Producer YangMin said: “Tarisland is a project our team has been passionately working on for the past three years.”

“For some of us, it's a game we've been dreaming of creating and sharing with players for almost a decade. We're going back to the core of what an MMO is, paying attention to the smallest details and refining every inch of the gameplay.”

To watch out for any future announcements, keep your eyes on Tarislands’ Twitter, Youtube and website.