Life finds a way with PUBG Mobile's latest update

By , on May 17, 2023
Last modified 9 months, 1 week ago

In an update that no one saw coming but is precisely what we all want, PUBG Mobile has travelled back in time and is introducing Dinosaurs to the battlefield. Until June 18th, players will be able to mingle with Pterosaurs’, Velociraptors and the mighty T-Rex.

This new update, called Dinoground, brings massive changes to Erangel and Livik, with Dino Settlements popping up across the map, filled to the brim with supplies to claim. During the match at random times, the king of dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex will spawn in the Fossil Keep, where players will need to destroy the keeps get to release, and even ride the magnificent creature.

When you venture across Erangel you will also encounter Primal Zones, dangerous areas swarming with hostile Pterosaurs’ and Velocirators, which when tamed will become your valiant steed. They each have their own unique trait, with Velociraptors having excellent all-terrain abilities and a powerful jump, giving access to highly hidden Dino Treasures.

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The Pterosaur, however, can sour through the sky, and give you access to a Hoop Challenge. By piloting your new friend through hoops hung off hot air balloons, you will rack up the points. Get enough points in the time limit and you will earn yourself a trove of treasures when you touch back down to land, and probably an ambush given everyone will know what you're up to.

Away from the dino-delights, the World of Wonder creative mode is also getting expanded, with a new multiplayer platformer racing template option available. This will allow for the placement of hidden traps, perfect for those of a dastardly inclination who want to watch their competitors crash and burn.

Finally, Version 2.6 brings with it a host of Cycle 4 Season 12 updates, with the Royale Pass Ace, formally Royale Pass Month, packing some new core rewards, Season Missions, and rather interesting a backstory aligning with the launch of Dinoground.

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded now from the App Store and Google Play.