Race across the battlefield as Ducati comes to PUBG Mobile

By , on May 22, 2023
Last modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago

If I was wandering through a battlefield with bullets flying around, I would like to get the hell out of there as quickly and as safely as possible, but we could always just settle for the speed, as PUBG Mobile announces a collaboration with motorbike royalty Ducati.

Ducati has produced some of the fastest, sleekest-looking motorcycles on the market, and frankly, if someone manages to headshot you when you are riding these, then you would just have to admire the excellence of the shot. It may not be the safest way to travel through a hail of bullets, but it sure is fun.

You will be able to hop on the Ducati Panigale V4 S, sporting the signature Ducati Red colour scheme, or if you want to mix it up you can try the Black Phantom, Crimson Storm, or Swift Mirage. The main point is good look at anyone trying to catch you.

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If you want to suit yourself up in some complementary gear, you can get yourselves some Ducati-inspired gear, with the Crimson Storm Helmet, Ducati Sport C2 Trousers, Ducati Speed Evo C2 Jacket, Ducati Corse City C2 Boots, the Ducati Hooded Sweatshirt and Swift Mirage Backpack all up for grabs.

Ducati themselves are fairly excited about this collaboration, with the Head of Licensing, Merchandising and Corporate Sponsorship, Alessandro Cicognani, saying: “We can’t wait for PUBG MOBILE players to experience the Ducati Panigale V4 S in all its beauty,”

“Giving players the chance to experience the ultimate supersport bike inside their favourite game is something we were delighted to collaborate with the PUBG MOBILE team on. We hope the Panigale will have a lasting impact on players.”

Make sure to download PUBG Mobile now from the App Store and Google Play, as you will only have until June 15th to enjoy this work of art.