Get your game on as Yu-Gi-Oh! comes back to Puzzle & Dragons

By , on May 23, 2023
Last modified 1 year ago

It’s time to d-d-d-d-deduce some puzzles and recruit some powerful monster cards as the Yu-Gi-Oh collaboration returns to Puzzle & Dragons. Lasting until June 5th you can take on six exclusive dungeons and get your hands on the Forbidden One.

There are plenty of characters to collect and add to your army from the franchise; Yugi themselves, the Magician of Black Chaos, Jaden Yuki and Winged Kuibh, amongst a lot of others. However, most important of all, you could pull yourself Seto Kaiba and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and what more incentive do you need than that?

The Monster Exchange has been stocked full of Yu-Gi-Oh characters, including the Right Arm of the Forbidden One because if you can’t get a full Exodia you can at least give your enemies a good slapping. To trade for these you need DM Medals, which you can get from the DM Dungeon which is dedicated to medal farming, or facing the horrifically challenging Black Luster Soldier Descended dungeon.

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Taking on the DM Colosseum is a guaranteed way to get a Rainbow Metal Dragon drop, as long as you have the specified character leading your team. When clearing the Annihilation difficulty, you will also get a pull on the six Star Yu-Gi-Oh machine. If you are struggling, you can summon 2 friends and take on the Multiplayer version.

To really show your card gaming chops, take on the Yugi Title Challenge. This time-limited dungeon will need to be completed with a specific team, with those who manage to clear it receiving the Yugi Title. Why not the King of Games title, who knows? Finally, the aforementioned Black Luster Soldier dungeon is your way to take on a tremendously hard dungeon. Those who manage to complete this will get the titular character, as well as a six-star pull. You could take on the three-player version, but think of the glory!

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