Blue Archive raids the dictionary for its latest chapter name

By , on May 26, 2023
Last modified 9 months ago

NEXON has announced the latest chapter as the main story for its RPG Blue Archive. Perhaps taking the prize as the longest quest name in history, you can now play through Vol. 2 Clockwork Flower Pavane, Ch. 2 ‘The Romance of Friendship, Courage, and Light (First Half).

In this mouthful of a chapter, the story follows Rio, Millennium's Student Council President, as they visit the Game Development Department to deliver a shocking revelation. You will be tasked with handling the crisis that follows with the department members, such as Aris and Momoi.

To help with the problem, you can recruit the latest Millennium Science School student, Himari. She is a piercing support character best suited to the back lines, where she can safety buff her allies' attack with her EX Skill. She will initially boost by 55.2% for 13 seconds, eventually raising to 105% at max level.

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When it's time to get her hands dirty, Himari can use her offensive skill to deal her ATK as damage to one enemy every 30 seconds, whilst also decreasing their evasion for 23 seconds. Both these parameters scale as the skill levels, and it also gets a boost by her passive skill, which raises her attack stat. Unfortunately, even with her sub-skill increasing allies Cost Regen, there are better picks for your team, so don’t waste all your resources to get her.

When you finish this latest story, you can check out the Fortress City of Eridu Infiltration Task. You will be given a series of missions to carry out each day, with a grand prize of 1,200 Pyroxenes should you complete enough to amass 100 AMAS Debris. Any excess that you collect will convert credits after the event finishes.

You can download Blue Archive and play through its wordy chapter now from the App Store and Google Play.