Pokemon Masters celebrates its fourth anniversary in style

By , on August 29, 2023
Last modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago

It's been four years since Pokemon Masters launched, and it is no surprise that this entry in the storied series is still going strong. To celebrate the milestone you can enjoy a new story, grab some free gems, and recruit some iconic characters

Beef up your party with the three new pairs of Red and Articuno, Leaf and Moltres, and Blue and Zapos. While bringing back three of the original Pokemon characters and the first legendary trio is nice, am I the only one annoyed that Articuno and Moltres aren't paired with their colour counterparts?

Red has the Kanto Spirit passive skill, powering up all your team's Special Atack and reducing the same done to you. Articuno can whip out the Frozen Wings Ice Beam to freeze your target for some heavy damage and control. You can Scout this pair until October 6th.

Leaf and Moltress come with Kanto Pride, which powers up your physical attacks whilst reducing your enemy's damage. Fiery Wings Flare Blitz will turn the weather sunny and could burn your target, making this a perfect duo for a physical fire team. This pair launches today for Scouted until October 6th.

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Blue is arguably the star here and a tremendous support character. Their Kanto Flag Bearer will increase all your attack dealt, and reduce all incoming, which stacks depending on how many Kanto-themed pairs are in your team. Zapdos can use Thundering Wings Roost to recover their own, and your whole team's, HP by around 30%. This pair is available from August 31st until October 6th and is definitely worth going for.

Neo Champions: Three Trainers, Three Minds will be available until October 1st, and will share the story of the three Pallet Town Masters, or you can take your new team and witness the conclusion of the Villian Arc. If you fancy some rewards for just logging in, you can get up to 4,000 Gems before September 6th, and 100 Sync Pairs before September 14th just by opening the game daily.

Pokemon Masters is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.