Jagex teams up with Makeship to release Old School Runescape merchandise

By , on August 31, 2023
Last modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Speaking as someone who just a matter of days ago saw a Yoshi plush in a supermarket and immediately went “That will fit perfectly with my Eeveelutions and Carbuncle”, we all love a good bit of merchandise from our favourite franchise or our beloved characters, and now Jagex has joined in with a new line of plushies based on Old School Runescape.

There are four new plushies to choose from thanks to this collaboration with Makeship, and if you ever played Runescape back in the day, or indeed the Old School version, you will certainly recognise the Wise Old Man, the eccentric wizard you meet, is there any other kind from Jagex? If you are a Slayer fan, then you could also pick up the iconic master Nieve.

One of Runescape's most tragic characters, Bob the Cat, is also available to purchase, should you miss honouring this most stalwart of heroes. Our final character to choose from the the Gnome Child, those harbingers of mystery. You will have to act fast though, as orders will close on September 20th.

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Now for the part you've been holding your breath for; price. There's no sugar coating it, they start at $29.99 per, or $33.99 if you also want the production design, although this is clearly stated as personal use only. It is a bit steep, but not too unobtainable for fans, and you can also take advantage of some deals.

If you buy 2 you get 5% off, for 3 you get 10%, and should you purchase all 4, that’s a nice 15% off. Also, the estimated shipping date is December 15th, so in time for Christmas if all goes well. Just think though, for the price of a decent pizza takeout, you could have the Wise Old Man offer you wisdom in all aspects of life. Just avoid banks with him.

You can order these cuddly companions from the Makeship store, and then head to the App Store and Google Play to download Runescape Old School and see if you can spot your new friends.