Journey with Sherry Birkin through the nightmares as Teppen introduces new expansion

By , on September 4, 2023
Last modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Players of collectable card game Teppen can now explore a new nightmare and new expansion pack with the release of The Daymare Diary. To celebrate, all through October, there will be a limited-time Main Quest, and the opportunity to collect three Secret Spheres.

The Daymare Diary follows Resident Evil’s Sherry Birkin, who upon reading a picture diary is transported to a mansion, a very RE move. When arriving, she realizes she has been reverted to a child, and soon comes across a creepy doll, Angie, who encourages her to collect the diary’s torn pages to escape. Throughout the tale, Sherry encounters characters such as Mega Man X’s Vile, and Monster Hunter’s Felyne, all the while accompanied by a plushie version of Claire Redfield, as she collects the pages and relives her childhood horrors.

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This new expansion introduces a new Frenzy mechanic, where playing a card with this effect will activate other Frenzy cards when played, leading to a potentially large chain reaction. You can also grab debut cards such as The Limb Reaper, Puppet Mage Waka, and Trauma Chief Brian Irons, and the Black card Trauma Chief Brian Irons, one of Resident Evil's most despicable antagonists, despite how often he is overlooked in favour of bigger names like Wesker or Nemesis.

One of the new cards is a relatively minor character and victim of Irons’ rampage, the mayor's daughter Kathrine Warren. This Human card has only 4 HP and 0 Attack, but her true worth happens when she is vanquished. Upon Death, she will deal 4 damage to the unit in front, and then explore for Corrosion. If she is Frenzied at the time, she also confers -2 MP. Additionally, when under the Immolate status she will give all unit cards with Frenzy in your hand and EX Pocket -1 MP.

Teppen can be downloaded now from the App Store and Google Play.