Immerse yourself in one of gaming's most famous universes with the release of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

By , on September 8, 2023
Last modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago

It is finally time to gear up for a thrilling ride through the miasma of nostalgia, as Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis has launched on mobile devices. Recruit iconic characters such as Cloud, Barret and Tifa, as you relive the entire catalogue and universe of one of the world's most famous games.

The whole of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII will be at your fingertips in future updates, however, at launch, you will be able to dive into content from the original story, Crisis Core, and The First Soldier, which is quite nice to see this short-lived property get some new life, it was a very solid battle royale title.

Combat feels fresh, thanks to the Active Turn-Based system that sees your characters throw out some auto attack as the gauge fills, before letting you whip out some powerful skills. No one person can take on an army though, no matter the size of the sword, so your controlled player will be joined by two AI companions.

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Ever Crisis comes with an in-depth equipment system, with your weapons, armour, and of course, those little orbs of goodness called Materia all coming together to decide your skill loadout. There is a gacha system, but luckily that only seems to be related to new weapons and not characters at the moment. Hopefully, that trend continues.

Over 1.7 million players pre-registered for the release, and now we can all reap the rewards. Log in, and you will get yourselves a plethora of rewards such as 30 Draw Tickets, the Zweihander weapons, and up to 3,000 Blue Crystals. You will even get a Gear Voucher that can be exchanged for any gear you like to get your favourite character right into the action.

Download Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis now from the App Store and Google Play, and kick start your adventure with up to 3,000 thanks to the Release Celebration Login Bonus, ongoing until October 7th.