Try to out-think the mighty Rathalos as Monster Hunter crashes into Arknights

By , on September 12, 2023
Last modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Yostar Games has announced a massive collaboration in its strategic mobile RPG Arknights, with that behemoth of a series; Monster Hunter. A Flurry to the Flame will last until September 28th, bringing with it an exclusive story, a host of rewards, and three new Operators.

Rhodes Island has received a distress signal all the way from Roka Village, with Yato and Noir Corne heading out to investigate. The Terra Research Commission is tagging along to help, but seeing as this is an all-Felyne unit, they aren’t much help when our heroes encounter a Rathalos. Forced to flee, they head back to the settlement to find a solution, slowly uncovering the mystery of Roka Village.

If you head to the Roka Village Quest Board and complete the missions, you will be able to get yourself a free operator in the 1-star Terra Research Commission. They will attack by throwing objects that deal damage and cause shockwaves before the items explode and trigger a random debuff bonus. They won’t win you any fights, but if you want some chaos, you're in the right place.

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Coming over from monster-infested waters are two new operators, starting with the 6-star Kirin R Yato. Powered by the dragon unicorn, Yato is an execution specialist known for fast redeployment. She can deal increased damage for a while after activating her skills, the Spinning Slash and Blade Dance, one of the best moves in the franchise.

Our next operator is Rathalos S Noire Corne, a 5-star, which is an absolute travesty that it’s lower than Kirin, Rathalos is clearly far more iconic. Besides this injustice, Corne is able to perform the special sheathe from Monster Hunter, and when attacked, will negate the damage and immediately counter. His second skill is the Spirit Helm Breaker, a good old-fashioned giant hit straight to the face for massive damage.

Download Arknights from the App Store and Google Play now to earn yourselves some monstrous rewards.