Ubisoft announces the next beta for The Division Resurgence

By , on November 9, 2023
Last modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago

After the previous regional beta that ran throughout the past June and July, Ubisoft is back with the next chance for fans to experience the fun early in The Division Resurgence. The upcoming beta will start on November 16th, and give you a chance to get involved in a huge range of content.

This beta will allow players to tackle Resurgences’ story, taking you up to the Campaigns Main Mission 8, enough time to get to grips with the specializations and weapons on offer. You will also have a chance to take on a variety of side missions and open-world activities, either solo or co-op. It isn’t just the story you can engage with, as you can also enter the series' iconic endgame area.

The biggest draw in The Division series has always been the Dark Zone, the lawless wasteland where players can hunt players, whilst also tackling the game's toughest NPCs. The rewards for braving this hellscape are some of the game's best gear, and this beta will allow those lucky few to delve into this crucial area.

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If you fancy a bit more of a concentrated PVP experience, then you can check out the Conflict mode and engage in a 4v4 firefight to take and hold strategic objectives in Domination. For a true challenge of solo skills, the Lone Wolf Challenge will pit you against a gauntlet of increasingly difficult levels, with powerful rewards waiting for those who can clear the challenge in good time.

Now the bad news; this regional beta is only available for players in the US, Brazil, and Australia. For a chance to get involved, head to either the App Store or Google Play to pre-order and throw your name in the draw. Players in other regions can also pre-register but don’t expect to hear the call of the Divison for now.