Dive headfirst into a new rebellion with version 1.5 of Aether Gazer

By , on November 16, 2023
Last modified 7 months ago

It is time to step into some family drama with the latest update in Aether Gazer. Version 1.5, named Father, Son, Duel comes packing with a new storyline with a rebellion breaking out in Rostach, four new Modifiers and Functors, as well as some limited-time events.

Our first S-Grade Modifier is the Rage Serpent Marduk, which sounds pretty damn cool. They are most at home in ranged combat, unloading hell with energy attacks and dealing massive damage thanks to their armour penetration, control, damage amplification, and energy regen. He can even give your whole team a damage boost, just in case he wasn’t enough already.

Following behind from the same place as Marduk, the Asterism Gen-zone, is the A-Grade Wasteland Fiend Kingu. He excels in melee combat as a single-target buster but will lack when it comes to multiple foes. The new ultimate skillchain between him and Marduk however makes him an enticing prospect if you like the Rage Serpent.

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The Second S-Grade, Jackal Anubis, is quite interesting in the fact that the developer touts him as being highly effective as an AI-controlled companion thanks to their summoning skills, so he makes a perfect choice for your offhand characters. Our final character is Ailuros Bastet, another A-Grade that focuses on single target damage. Oddly enough, however, these two don't have a skill chain together, which feels like a waste given the theme.

After you have put together your new team, you can tackle the limit-time event until December 11th. You can take on a library of challenges including Operation Rage Serpent, Forbidden Deadzone, Surviving Adversity, and a host of other such levels. There is even an Ailuros Card Game. Complete these, and you can get yourself attire for these new characters and a bevvy of other rewards.

Aether Gazer is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.