KRAFTON swaps guns for swords with announcement of battle royale title Dark and Darker Mobile

By , on November 17, 2023
Last modified 7 months, 1 week ago

G-Star 2023 has only recently kicked off and has already thrown out some pretty noteworthy announcements, such as KRAFTON Inc unveiling Dark and Darker Mobile. Striking a deal between subsidiary Bluehole Studio and developers Ironmace to bring their PC game to mobile, battle royales will be getting a lot more up close and personal.

Dark and Darker Mobile is what happens when you throw a dungeon crawler, RPGs and a battle royale survival into a blender. Players will contend with extraction-based gameplay whilst tackling menacing AI monsters, as well as other human players also trying to escape. It is ambitious, but KRAFTON has proven itself enough to handle it.

Adventurers will be offered a choice of five classes, which if you played any other game before you already know; Warrior, Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue, and Cleric. Then you will take your skills and delve into dark dungeons in pursuit of rare treasures, all the while being slowly pursued by the Darkswarm, a field that slowly closes and brings everyone together for an epic last battle. We all know the drill, except this time, you can find an escape portal to retreat with your riches if you are lucky.

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What you can't escape from in this video is the slower speedfrom most other battle royales, but that is in no way a criticism. Each movement and attack has a lot of weight and purpose behind it, which should lead to combat being a much more cagey and tactical affair. A very intriguing prospect indeed.

When unveiling the title, KRAFTON Senior Haad of Publishing Business Division, Rafael Lim, said: "KRAFTON is thrilled to be able to debut Dark and Darker Mobile for the first-time at G-STAR 2023. We believe that Dark and Darker Mobile will resonate with mobile players by capturing the spirit of the PC version with engaging survival mechanics, immersive exploration, and intense extraction gameplay. Our goal is to surpass fan expectations with a truly unique mobile gaming experience.”

Dark and Darker Mobile will be available to play at some point in that vast ocean of 2024.