Celebrate the year of the Dragon in Monster Hunter Now to commemorate Lunar New Year

By , on January 24, 2024
Last modified 1 month ago

We are approaching the Lunar New Year, and 2024 marks the year of the Dragon, which I think we can all agree is pretty cool. Besides all the interesting cultural celebrations that will occur, Capcom will also be marking the occasion with a Lucky Lunar New Year event on Monster Hunter Now.

Running from February 1st to the 15th, you will be able to hunt the monstrous Pink Rathian both in the field and at Hunt-a-thon-Points. As well as these fearsome fights, you can also collect Fortune Lanterns for time-limited events, and get your hands on two special weapons, and some headgear with Critical Boost.

As you hunt these Rathian or defeat any monster at the Hunt-a-thons, you will rack up LNY 2024 Hammer and Dual Blades Tickets, which you can use to forge or upgrade some unique weapons. For players who wish to batter their foes, you can get the Lucky Dragon Hammer, or if you reach for a scrap of paper instead of a blade when faced with a beast, you can get the Fortune Dragon Fans, a dual-blade weapon.

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Both of these are Dragon elements and have the Divine Blessing skill, with a chance to reduce incoming damage, a strange skill for such offensive weaponry. To add a bit of offence to your Lunar kit, look no further than the Dragon Dask Mask, which sports the Critical Boost skill that, oddly enough, boosts your critical damage.

To forge or upgrade this headpiece, you need LNY 2024 Armor Tickets, which you can get from the Fortune Gathering event by collecting Fortune Lanters. You will also earn Zenny and a Lucky Lunar New Year Hunter Medal. When you have your new loadout, test your mettle with the Challenge quests, a catalogue of missions to hunt six-star or higher monsters to earn rare monster Materials, and much more importantly, bragging rights amongst your hunter friends.

Monster Hunt Now can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.