Harness the true power of moving out of the way in Boxing Star’s latest mode

By , on January 25, 2024
Last modified 1 month ago

Are you tired of getting repeatedly punched right on the nose, or being unable to dodge those flying wrenches coming at your head? Well, good news, because it is time to hone those reflexes with the implementation of the Evasion Expert Mode in 4:33’s sporting sim Boxing Star.

The Evasion Expert Mode will train you in the ancient art of actually getting out of the way when your opponent throws a punch instead of standing there like some gormless salmon. Simply head to the Battle Stadium to play this brand-new mode, where battles are won without dealing a single hit.

During these special battles, you can only inflict damage on your foe by, as you may have sussed by now, successfully dodging without attacking, thereby having your opponent defeat themselves. It's a nice little mode that doesn’t rely on character attributes, and by completing it you will earn the Bio Gear Catalog, which will allow you to use powerful Super Combo skills.

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To celebrate this new mode, anyone who logs in for the next 30 days will find themselves quite wealthy, receiving 3,000 coins, an Upgrade Gloves Box, and OverPower Parts Box. There is also a community giveaway happening, where anyone who leaves a comment with a screenshot on the official community even post will gain Epic Globes Stock Parts and Epic Protective Gears Stock Parts upon the event's conclusion.

On top of this, 4:33 has announced that the new Green Baseball Player Costume and profile frames will be featured in the February Champion Pass. Finally, this update will also add a Sweep function to Tag Mode, and some other general improvements, including some beefed-up reward values throughout Story Mode to get you those higher numbers faster.

Boxing Star can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.