Delve into the life of one of history's most electrifying figures in The House of Tesla

By , on January 26, 2024

History can be both incredibly cruel and kind, and unfortunately for Nikola Tesla, he got the short end of both sticks, primarily being remembered as a brand of electric cars, and for his feud with Thomas Edison. Blue Brain Games is looking to shine a light on his own works, however, with the upcoming puzzle game The House of Tesla.

Players will be stepping into the shoes of the father of alternating current himself, as they explore the life of one of the most prolific inventors in history. The story will focus on Wardenclyffe, what was to be Teslas’ magnum opus until his ever-expanding vision for the site caused the chief financial backer to pull out, and saw the project reduced to desolation.

You will be in Nikola Teslas’ place throughout the life of Wardenclyffe Tower, from the breadcrumbs that resulted in its conception and construction, all the way to its unceremonious end. Explore the mysteries that surround the location, and shed light on the myriad of machines that you find yourself confronted with.

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Much like Blue Brain Games earlier hit, The House of Da Vinci, players will be tasked with solving a host of beautifully crafted puzzles, equipped with a fascinating device that will allow you to see and influence the flow of electricity. Through the use of flashbacks, you will glance behind the curtain of the enigmatic Nikola Tesla.

When announcing the title, Blue Brain Games CEO, Martin Pavelek, said: “Following the huge success and positive reception of our adventure title The House of Da Vinci, we are excited to finally reveal our new project with The House of Tesla.”

“By utilising all of our development experience and the valuable feedback from our community, we are creating a thrilling new adventure that will transport fans into a world of science and mystery. We can’t wait to share more on The House of Tesla and invite you to come on this fascinating journey with us.”

The House of Tesla will release on PC in late 2024 and will follow on Android and Apple devices after.