The crimson sky beckons battlers as TROI gets a new weather effect in New State Mobile

By , on January 29, 2024
Last modified 4 weeks ago

We are, somehow, nearing the end of January, which really snuck up out of nowhere, and this can only mean it's time for the first monthly update for 2024 for KRAFTON's battle royale, New State Mobile. Kit yourself out with a new marksman rifle, and prepare to head into Season 13.

When loading into the TROI map, there is a chance that you will end up in TROI Twilight, which you will immediately realise as the sky will be an incredible shade of orangey red, looking like something out of a zombie mode. As well as giving you a mesmerising new backdrop to battles, there is also a double-edged sword element to deal with.

Perform well enough to eke out that win under the TROI Twilight, and you will earn 50% more tier points to help you rocket up the ranks. If you stumble around a bit too much and lose, however, you will be saddled with a small additional penalty. For better or worse, this new phenomenon will trigger more frequently for its release.

To help you notch up those wins and milk that more frequent bonus whilst you can, you are going to need a bigger gun. Enter the Dragunov DMV, a marksman rifle that packs some remarkable headshot damage to nail that kill shot. Tinker to your heart's content and add on some attachments, such as the new Dedicated Tactical Stock to boost that recoil and speed up aiming.

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KRAFTON has also taken a wrench to the game with a few tweaks. Matches in TROI will feature a 20% increase in item spawns, offset with less time between Blue Zone phases, ARs, SMGs and LMGs will feature increased hip-fire bullet spreads, and the Human vs AI mode will thankfully feature more capable computer characters for a better challenge.

Finally, all your hard work in Season 12 has paid off, with players all getting their respective awards as tiers are reset to 0 for the debut of Battle Royale Season 13, so start grinding. You can also tap up Survivor Pass Vol 27 to earn yourselves the Cartoon State costume set for Jack Overkill.

New State Mobile is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.