GungHo Online announce a collaboration between Puzzle & Dragons and one of the greats of manga

By , on January 31, 2024
Last modified 3 weeks, 5 days ago

We all enjoy a good puzzle game, but I am sure we can agree adding a constant threat of dismemberment would really up that enjoyment, which is why GungHo Online has announced a collaboration with Chainsaw Man for the hit match-3 Puzzle & Dragons.

If you managed to miss it, Chainsaw Man is a massively popular shonen manga series, making it quite a boon for GungHo. It follows the story of a young man named Denji who, after being betrayed by his employers and killed, forms a contract with the Chainsaw Devil, in the form of lovable pooch Pochita, to save his life and becomes the eponymous Chainsaw Man.

By taking on the Chainsaw Man dungeon, you can earn yourself one pull of the Super Godfast Egg Machine as a first-time review, as well as collecting yourself for Pochita Medals. Knocking out this challenge in Expert or Devil difficulty will also give you a chance to collect certain collaboration characters, such as the Bat Devil.

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When you have enough of these Pochita Medals, head over to the Monster Exchange for a devilishly enjoyable spending spree. You can help yourself to pieces of the Gun Devil’s Flesh, which is absolutely delightful, and you can also get some exclusive characters such as Himeno & Ghost Devil.

After putting together your gruesome team, put them to work in the Devil Hunter Colosseum. You will be restricted by the Assists Invalid rule, however, teams led by a Chainsaw Man collab character are guaranteed drops. Stick together a group with the specified squad, and you will even get Conditional Clear Rewards, don’t forget to call your friends and tackle the three-player Multiplayer variant.

Finally, it is time to honour the goodest of boys in this dark manga series, by heading to the title Challenge. You will need to use a fixed Helper, and there is a time limit to take into account, but those who manage to clear this fight will earn themselves the Pochita title, and why would you want any other?

Puzzle & Dragon is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.