Recruit two new characters and clear some special event dungeons in King of Fighters Allstar

By , on February 1, 2024
Last modified 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Netmarble has unleashed two new warriors into the world of King of Fighters Allstar in the latest update. Athena and Xi Benimaru are gearing up to jump into the ring and tackle the onslaught of new dungeons and special events placed before them in this bumper January release.

Both of these new fighters are more geared towards mono-coloured teams thanks to their skills, starting with 2003 Athena. She is an Attack-type Green Element, with the ability to increase Green fighters ATK, which is cool. Her main strength lies in her use of Barrier projectiles to shepherd enemies together, setting them up for some easy AOE damage.

Our second recruit is Xi Benimaru, also an Attack fighter but of the Purple element. His skill also increases Purple element ATK and can whip out a long combo of projectiles that can hit multiple enemies. A useful attack to be sure, however, maybe not one to build a team around. If you are short on currency, Athena should be the goal here.

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For those of you aching for some new content, the Plugin Plant has been boosted up to tier 6. Here, players can earn the eponymous Plugins, consisting of five elements where players pick the level of each element before entering. The Tower of Illusion has also had an upgrade, adding on floors 41 through 60.

If you only have a few minutes to play, check out the Rush Dungeon (Become Number 1), a gauntlet of rush stages containing a variety of difficulties. Clear it, and you will be rolling in event coins to through at the exchange shop. Finally, give your party the challenge of a lifetime, with the Psyco & Thunder Power dungeon.

Until February 20th you can tackle two new events for extra goodies. Taking part in Rush Dungeons or Bingo events will earn you puzzle fragments to use in The Psycho Remix Puzzle. Complete it and you can earn prizes including Re-entry EX Fighter Summon Coins. Play Psycho Remix Bingo with tickets earned from in-game missions, and you might get lucky enough to win an Athena Badge Fragment.

Download King of Fighters Allstar from the App Store and Google Play to take advantage of the Check-in Event running to February 16th for some special prizes.