Defence Derby whips out the magic brooms as Krafton detail two new magic units

By , on February 5, 2024
Last modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Krafton has released information on the two newest units landing in the PvP tower defense, Defence Derby. Florea is out now and will be followed by Celestial Prayer later this month, and you can also turn your hand to two exciting events happening in February.

Florea belongs to the spirit faction and will be bringing so much-appreciated skills to the battlefield. She only packs a one-tile, but her unique ability allows her to heal your castle’s HP, invaluable for the late stages when enemies start ramping up. On the flip side, the skill is called Sacrifice, so as you might guess, you need to blow Florea up for this to happen.

Our second new unit is definitely one to watch. Another magic unit, this time of the human flavour, Celestial Prayer, won’t be dishing out major damage themselves, but their Divine Grace ability is game-changing. This still boosts the type synergy for adjacent units, making her allies immensely stronger. Of course, this means she will get the most benefit in a magic-heavy team.

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If you want to try either of these out before you buy, you can try out their Mirror Matches. Floreas is currently on until February 12th, followed by Celestial Prayers’ debut on the 14th, with their mode lasting until the 27th. Decide you like either, then it's time to hit the Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Step Up Pack, or the Featured Summons.

Put your new team together and start clambering up the Derby Mode rankings, as the Hot Time Event will be giving payers a chance to swim in prizes. You could win up to 500 gems and the 10th, and 300 Crystals on the 9th and 12th. Then, start tackling Valentine’s missions kicking off February 14th until the 27th, and get your hands on some Legendary Unit tickets, amongst other tantalizing options.

Defence Derby is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.