Reverse 1999 rings in Version 1.3 Phase 2 with a hero who can clean house single handedly

By , on February 6, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 6 days ago

To say that Reverse 1999 has had quite a successful launch might just be an understatement when you look at the numbers. In just four short months, the Bluepoch RPG has racked up an astonishing 19 million downloads worldwide, a fantastic background to roll into Version 1.3's second phase.

The headline here is the release of a brand new six-star Arcanist, the Beast Afflatus Shanmane. He sports a normal attack that rips out 200% Reality DMG just as a baseline, which can be increased by his mass debuff that increases DMG taken by all enemies and also decreases their Reality and Mental DEF. This also sets up his ultimate perfectly, a 250% Reality hit to all enemies, plus an additional 250% to the main target. The man hits hard.

To learn more about the former hermit, delve into his Character Story Event to explore his bittersweet past, as well as earn some Clear Drops and other useful goodies. Players who have completed the main campaign can also play through Shamane’s Left Arm Event until February 22nd, and get the lowdown on his prosthetic left arm. Decide you like him enough, and you can roll on his rate-up banner; Another Spring Thaw.

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Those who log in between February 22nd and 29th will find themselves in the middle of a disturbance in the ionosphere, as the Mysterious Waves event takes hold. Explore this anomaly, and you will be confronted with a greeting across time from a friend destined to be known. You will get a Picrasma candy if an unknown hello doesn't grab you.

Finally, there are two sign-in events to take part in. Sign in for seven days under the During Dipa Festival II event and you will get one Unilog a day. From February 9th till 16th, the Spring greetings will net you up to 500 Clear Drops. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, they are only available to players who have completed the main story, so hop on it.

Reverse 1999 can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.