CRKD announce their latest controller with a simple look but a lot to offer

By , on February 13, 2024
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

We all love mobile gaming, but one of the most annoying issues, especially if you have giant hands like yours truly, is those clumsy appendages blocking the screen as you play. So we turn to controllers, which can be cumbersome. This leads us to the NEO S, CRKD's latest minimalist controller, which loses none of the style or mechanics despite its simple looks.

The NEO S sports Bluetooth connectivity, High Effect Thumbsticks for drift-free input, adjustable actuation Hall Sensor Triggers, and a set of remappable back buttons for that full customisable set-up. It even allows for full motion control which is unexpected, and a Turbo Mode for when you need to cheese that boss.

The style of the controller calls to mind two things straight away; those retro controllers with big joysticks, and strangely enough, it puts me in mind of the 3DS setup when mobile gaming. The NEO S would be the perfect candidate for a bracket that folds and holds the screen—just a thought.

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CRKD is also appealing to that dark beast lurking inside all gamers, the need to religiously collect all the bonus items! Every NEO S is compatible with the CRKD True Collection System App, which lets you easily enter your controller data into your profile, and lets you view data such as product number and rarity rank. It’s a dirty move, but at $49.99 each it isn’t totally unreachable, which is what they want you to think! Tricksy designers.

The designers will also be working with a host of popular artists for new and exciting designs, starting off with three from the mind of renowned controller artist POPeART. The Blossom Edition especially is quite eye-catching. These special designs will be limited time, and to be fair to CRKD, they haven’t cranked up the price for them, which is commendable.

The NEO S is available to pre-order now from their official website.