Tower of Fantasy has announced the impending arrival of infiltration expert Yanuo

By , on February 14, 2024
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

Mark your calendars for February 20th, as Hotta Studio has announced the incoming launch of a new simulacrum for its open-world game Tower of Fantasy. Yanuo will be bringing her skills to your team on February 20th, packing quite the powerful weapon combining Frost and Volt capabilities.

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG set on the planet of Aida after humanity has to flee Earth and its collapsing environment. Once they land, they also blow this one up in their pursuit of a comet, Mara, that contains a powerful energy named Omnium. It will be up to players to gather a team and do what makes games fun; indiscriminately stabbing enemies.

Nicknamed the Perfectionist of District 9, Yanuo is one of the goto Executors for Hykros. She is particularly renowned for infiltration and camouflage, carrying out her responsibilities with a smile on her face. Her co-workers regard her as well-tempered, warm-hearted, and efficient, but peek a little behind the mask, and you will see a different side to her.

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In reality, Yanup is in fact an undercover agent of the Heirs of Aida, planted in Hykos. She has successfully integrated herself as a friend of Brevey in the hopes of finding out confidential information about the Tower of Fantasy. When the facade slips, she is a cold, arrogant, and unruly individual, showing her true skills for role-playing.

If you pick up Yanuo, you will want to keep her paired with the weapon named Wicked, which will increase her final damage by 8% after awakening her a bit. It is a powerful lance that can dish out either Volt or Frost damage depending on the rest of your loadout. Switching to it with a full weapon charge or after triggering Phantasia will also cause debuffs which is a pretty nifty bonus.

Tower of Fantasy is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.