Team Mago announce release date for upcoming Kingdom: The Blood based on hit eponymous Netflix series

By , on February 15, 2024
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

Back in 2019, Netflix worked with a South Korean screenwriter named Kim Eun-hee to produce a series named Kingdom, a mix of drama, political intrigue and zombies. It did quite well as you might expect, and spurred Team Mago and YJM Games to produce a spinoff game for the universe, named Kingdom: The Blood.

Scheduled for release on March 5th, Kingdom: The Blood will focus more on the zombies than the drama, placing you in the middle of the hungry horde. Whilst you may be tempted to stay and fight, admiring the Korean-inspired outfits swaying in the wind, sometimes it's better to flee.

That's not to say you can’t engage in some slaying, with characters featuring their own unique flowing attack patterns. If you get bored bopping the undead dead, you can even delve straight into some PvP combat, because that’s what you do when surrounded by a zombie army, you stab each other. Distracts you from the terror I suppose.

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If you’d prefer to team up instead of tear down, then you can form a zombie-busting squad with friends to take down hulking bosses. Before you throw yourself into this arena, however, it is best to tackle the Training sessions to learn how best to vanquish these shuffling baddies and pick up some additional rewards for your time.

When discussing the recent playtest, Team Magos’ Kang Hyeong-seok, said: “We could confirm the enthusiastic response from global users to the unique close-quarters combat and gameplay of Kingdom: The Blood. Based on the feedback from users, we will do our best to deliver a high-quality game service until the official release.”

Kingdom: The Blood is available to pre-register now on the App Store and Google Play. Oddly enough, despite the series being on Netflix, it isn’t an exclusive, so you can enjoy it without a subscription.