It’s time to tip off as NBA Infinite launches after months of anticipation

By , on February 19, 2024
Last modified 2 months ago

Like all tall people, I have a mandatory affection for the game of basketball, so the long build-up to NBA Infinite finally launching felt like a lifetime. Luckily, it is out now and will allow lovers of the sport to take part in action-packed PvP games with other fans across the globe.

Players will be tasked with collecting an unstoppable roster of NBA stars to keep in a variety of modes such as 3v3, the full 5v5, or the intense duels of a 1v1. Each star will have their own unique move sets to master, and an Exclusive and Dominance skill to give you the edge.

You will be able to recruit and upgrade current NBA players, but it isn’t just the on-court talent you need to look after, as you will have the opportunity to upgrade your coaching staff too, to get the most out of the team. Make the big calls, and see if you can turn your squad into champions.

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Taking a break from finally dominating the NBA with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns will be serving as the first official icon athlete, featuring alongside other key brand ambassadors such as De’Aaron Fox, Andrew Wiggins, and the European brand ambassador Rudy Gobert. During games, you will also hear play-by-play commentary by veteran announcers depending on your territories, with the likes of Mark Jones covering the English-speaking countries, or Xavier Vaution covering for France.

Senior Director of developers’ Level Infinite, Anthony Crouts, said: “NBA Infinite is a game built from the ground up with players in mind. Our team is dedicated to creating an experience that matches everything fans love about basketball. Together with the NBA and the NBPA, we have delivered a game that fuels their passion with an immersive experience right on their phone.”

NBA Infinite is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.