Honor of Kings books its place in the Esport World Cup

By , on February 20, 2024
Last modified 2 months ago

It is a bloody good time to be reasonably good at mobile games, with companies left, right, and centre seemingly putting up a lot of cash for tournaments, and the latest to open their wallets is Level Infinite, as Honor of Kings heads to the Esport World Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Specifically, the Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason will be in attendance, bringing 12 teams together to compete for a prize pool of an absolutely mouth-watering three million dollars, and I quadruple-checked that figure to make sure I read it right. Teams could also book their place in the Championship, where I assume the prize is a solid gold mansion.

The roster for this tournament isn't fully fleshed out, however, it has been confirmed that the KPL Dream team, an all-star squad from China’s King Pro League, are in the first spot. More teams will be unveiled in time, as well as some interesting ways for new players to showcase their talents, so stay tuned for that. Now, enjoy this ridiculous announcement video.

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When announcing their inclusion, the man with the longest job title of Senior Director of Level Infinite Global Esports Center Tencent Games, James Yang, said: “The Esports World Cup is an exciting and unique opportunity to bring international esports recognition to the world’s most played mobile MOBA title.”

“Honor of Kings is the latest example of our commitment to the mobile esports space, as we continue to prioritise our investment in the esports landscape. We can’t wait to kick off the launch of the Global Invitational Series with the Honor of Kings Invitational Season One on March 2 in Istanbul, and to offer aspiring competitive players from around the world the chance to become a champion through a new global mobile esport.”

Honor of Kings is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play and come February 21st, it will be available in a host of new regions, such as North Africa, South Asia, and, rather fittingly for the location of the World Cup, the Middle East.