Play Together heads to the dark side of the web and introduces its own influencer NPC

By , on February 23, 2024
Last modified 1 month, 4 weeks ago

For better or for worse, most likely worse, influencers are part of our society, and they are infesting our video games, as Play Together introduces its own influencing NPC. Cutiepie as they are called will be kicking around Kaia for players to work with and gain a host of special rewards.

Cutiepie is the top influencer on Kaia Island, and you are going to be hearing all about it as she has a few tips to share in her quests. Players will have to sit through lessons on throwing the best home part, the best recipes for mukbang streams, and the ever-dreaded dance challenges.

By working with Cutiepie you will be able to get kitted out with a new outfit, made up as the Influencer Pro Headphone, T-Shire, and Sneaker. You can also deck out your house with new furniture like the Influencer Streaming Equipment and Pro Gaming Chair. If you wish to, and lord knows why, you can equip the Slickback Name Tag to change your movement animation to the Slickback dance.

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Moving onto better news, the new Resort house will let you relax to the sounds of the sea thanks to its delightful location and comes with a massive three-tier swimming pool. Who knew that was a thing? It can also be fished at, which is not how you should use a pool at all.

Speaking of our scaly friends, the Fishing Derby Reception Booth will allow players to host their own derbies from home. All you need is a house that has some body of water, such as the pool, a pond, or the sea itself. Settings for this are adjustable, such as which fish to catch, the size, and how long it will last.

HAEGIN is also hosting a Daily Subscription Attendance event, with prizes laid out across seven days, so make sure to log in. Finally, there is a photo contest going on with the theme of Fun Pajama Party. Players will need to decorate their house to match the theme and submit a photo, with the winner being determined by public vote.

Play Together is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.