Once Human gets a new beta opening its doors end of March

By , on February 27, 2024
Last modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Starry Studios has unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming multiplayer game, Once Human alongside announcing a new beta. This will include new monsters, areas, and puzzles, as well as a new PvP season, because why kill the enemy when Jeff is standing there with his irritating face?

Exploring the wasteland will always be ominous, especially if the foreboding house and bus of doom in the latest trailer is anything to go by, so luckily players will be able to team up with old and new friends to tackle the nightmare together. Go spelunking where no one should tred, search for treasure, or go out in a blaze of glory in one defiant last stand, you no longer need to face anything alone.

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Now, most of this trailer looks interesting, however, I would like to dedicate more time than I should in discussing the part at the end where this bipedal Llama pulls a rabbit out of the hat. Whether that is just for fun, for food, or a hint towards companions in the future, I think we can all agree that we want one.

If all of this sounds good and you are looking to get involved, then simply head to the official Once Human website and sign up. It will begin on March 28th, so you have plenty of time to prepare your excuses for why you weren't at work that week. Or, maybe more importantly, move countries and get a better phone.

The test will only be available for players in the United States, Canada, Germany, and France. The rules also state that due to “high device requirements”, devices will be chosen based on hardware performance, so you're going to need to be packing some decent tech to book a place.

Once Human will be available on mobile, with a semi-scheduled launch date of somewhere in Q3, 2023.