Albion Online unveils plans for its third server tailored for Europe and MENA regions

By , on March 11, 2024
Last modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago

I spend a large part of my life playing MMORPGs and have tried the vast majority of them. Albion Online is definitely quite a fun one, so it always makes me quite pleased to see it grow, such as the recent announcement of the launch of yet another new server, coming April 29th.

Recently, Sandbox Interactive opened up Albion East, a decided server for the Asia-Pacific region. Now we are being welcomed to another server, and third overall, for the Europe and MENA region, fittingly titled Albion Europe.

Following this, there will also be a slight renaming of the existing servers, with Albion West becoming Albion Americas, and Albion East being Albion Asia. Players will also be able to play in two new languages; Turkish and Arabic. This new server and new languages will go a big way to opening Albion to many new audiences.

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As with the East server, Albion Europe will be an all-new, untouched version of the game where anyone can get in on the ground floor and carve a niche in the player-led economy. Connection speeds and ping will be optimised for Europe and MENA regions, not that they were slow before, and the timings or game and server events will also be tailored.

If you want to get a head start, be sure to check out the Open Beta running from April 10th to the 23rd. That not enough time for you? Then pick up one of the Founder Packs that came on sale today. Not only will you get some nifty goodies to start your Albion journey in style, but you will also get a place in the Closed Beta, which starts April 3rd.

Anyone who takes part in either of these Betas’ will be able to unlock an exclusive vanity skin to take into the server's grand opening, however, Founders will get a bit of a boost in the form of triple progression speed in this challenge. They will also get an additional unique mount skin.

Albion Online is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.