Harnas the ancient power of the dragon in Black Desert Mobile

By , on March 13, 2024
Last modified 1 month, 1 week ago

If you asked someone what their favourite mythological animal or being is, there would be a plethora of answers, and let's face it they would all be right there are some cool ones out there. But dragons would have to be near the top, and now you can harness the power of these magnificent beasts once more thanks to Black Desert Mobile's new Awakening Class.

To be fair, Black Desert Mobile already has a pretty cool dragon-based class with Drakania, but this gets kicked up to 11 when you unlock this new Awakening class, Letanas. Armed with a host of new dragon abilities, as well as a nifty pair of wings, she can devastate the battlefield from the safety of the skies.

As always, the new Letanas class is packing four skills, starting with a stance skill called Legacy. This switches you between the Hexeblood, which increases skill damage, and the Dragonblood form, which applies PvP Reduction, so you have a good spread between defence and stomping people.

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Our next skill, Sundering Roar, changes its effect based on what form you are in. Whilst in Dragonbood, Letanas will use their left spear to belt out a great dragon's breath with huge distance and range. In Hexeblood, players can alternate both spears, to help attack quickly in a wide range.

Savage Decree will also have two effects depending on what you are in. Dragonblood will have you whip out a piercing attack to run through a line of enemies, or Hexeblood uses a Dragon’s Roar for a front attack. Finally, the bombardment. Doombringer will see you harness the winds to float into the sky and let loose a devastating blow with your left spear. If you have enough MP, a Bloody Zone will appear to deal extra damage to foes.

Black Desert Mobile is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.