Take aim at the world's most deadly of nuts in Acorn Cop

By , on March 14, 2024
Last modified 1 month, 1 week ago

If you are a squirrel then cover your eyes because this is going to hurt, but Mini Fun Games has announced the release of Acorn Cop, a game where you destroy acorns with a gun. It’s one of those quick casual experiences you can whip out whenever you have a few minutes.

Rather, unfortunately, the premise of Acorn Cop is based on a real-world story, when a policeman in Florida mistook the sound of acorns falling to the ground as gunshots, and then unloaded their weapon at a suspect who was already cuffed in the back of a cop car. It's the type of story that makes you groan, but at least we got a game from it.

The aim is simple; shoot the acorns when they pop into the screen, but make sure not to hit any human or living thing. It is a test of your reflexes and quick-thinking skills. Whilst your main target is these damnable acorns, there will be a host of other items that you can take out, such as cop cars, bras, underpants, and if you are political, Donald Trump balloons.

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To win, all you need to do is go for 20 minutes without missing more than two acorns or shooting any wrong target, a tall order when the pace starts to pick up. There is even a boss fight to take care of. To help, you can avail yourself of a few different support items. One slows down time, there's a quick ammo reload, or you can use the acorn nuke to clear the screen.

For those of you thinking yes, acorn genocide is all well and good, but the aesthetic just doesn’t fit this elegant ball I seem to find myself in, then good news, there is a classical music underscore to the violence to class up proceedings. It also comes with full controller support, which sounds like a disadvantage here, but sure, challenge yourself.

Acorn Cop is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.