RuneScape embraces the chocolate scourge of Easter in new update

By , on March 19, 2024
Last modified 1 month, 1 week ago

Unless you have watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, then the Easter Bunny is simply a delightful entity that infects diabetes on the populous with delicious chocolate eggs, and now these benevolent beings of treats have arrived at Gielinor for RuneScapes Easter 2024: Blooming Burrow update.

Lasting until April 8th, the Blooming Burrow will bring three weeks choc-full of delicious challenges and goodies to take part in. The Easter Bunny and their family will be around to add a bit of levity to recent events and guide players into the Great Egg-Spectations missions, with all of Gielinor in on the fun.

You will journey across the land to find, create and test the perfect chocolate egg recipe, a very worthwhile task with necromancers and giant undead dragons thrashing around I am sure you will agree. There are also a host of rewards up for grabs in daily and weekly challenges through the Hunt for the Golden Egg content.

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The titular Blooming Burrow will also be a place where you can visit and chill out, acting as a new Easter Hub. Far from being only a place to relax, you can also enjoy a few new skilling activities, such as mining for chocolate rocks, hunting chocolate bunnies, and smithing chocolate foil. A nice, jovial way to get a bit of experience in for your levels.

If you can recruit a few Easter Elves you could even enjoy these activities in a group, creating your own factory line to mix, mould, and make some fantastic chocolate inventions. For those that missed the previous year's rewards then fear not, as you can visit the Gummy Bunnie and access the Grand Eggs-Change, where you can buy missed gear in exchange for Spring Tokens.

RuneScape is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.