Warframe visits PAX East and drops a bunch of intriguing morsels for fans

By , on March 25, 2024
Last modified 1 month ago

If you managed to miss it, PAX East took place this weekend with a great lineup of developers dishing the dirt on upcoming games and whatnot, but mobile players had another game to keep an eye on thanks to Warframe recently landing on the App Store. And this year, Digital Extremes dropped quite a few delicious pieces of information.

Our first content sneak peek is for the newest upcoming update, entitled Jade Shadows, complete with a view of presumably the next Warframe to release. What their skills will be, or how they will wield that cool-looking weapon, is unknown, but we do know there will be a single-player Quest related to it, featuring the Stalker, one of Warframes most mysterious characters.

Keeping on with the hype, we got a bit more drip-fed to us about Warframe:1999, said to be the game's biggest chapter to date. The short clip reintroduces us to the first so-called Protoframe of Exaclibur, worn by Arthur, but we also see more of Aoi, who pilots a Mag Protoframe, complete with a levitating crane. It's an intriguing video, and one fully intended to make fans salivate until the return of TennoCon.

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For the first time in its history, TennoCon will be taking place across two days; July 19th and 20th. Hosted in London, Ontario, tickets will be on sale March 28th. It promises to be a fun-packed two days, complete with a Community Showcase and Cosplay Contest, the latter of which sounds like it could be amazing. There are 10,000.00 Canadian dollars on the line in the Competitive category, so can you imagine how detailed some of those more intricate Warframes will be? If you can’t make it, you can still buy a Digital Pack which comes with Emotes, Sigils, and an amusingly named Arthur Floof.

Finally, players got their first look at the newest Prime Warframe, Protea Prime. She can manipulate time to bamboozle enemies, back up her team with health and energy pickups, or simply whip out her Okina Prime Dual Daggers and Velox Prime Pistol to devastate foes. With all these skills, she promises to be an insurmountable force on the battlefield.

Warframe is available to download for iPhone users from the App Store, right in time for eight weeks of Alert missions that have kicked off, and the opportunity to grab a free Dex Nikana from March 27th.