Bytten Studio announces massive plans to bring hit RPG Cassette Beasts to iOS and Android

By , on March 25, 2024
Last modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago

I am sure a lot of people will agree when I say that Pokemon lost a lot of its allure after the move to Switch. It’s hard to place your finger on, but they aren’t dominating the genre anymore. One of the biggest contenders for the creature collector throne was Bytten Studio’s Cassette Beast, and they are making some big moves.

Cassette Beasts first launched in April 2023 and followed a hero who fell into a world called New Wirral, which is beset by all manner of monsters. These can only be tackled using a cassette player to turn into said beasties, all the while recording more to add to your collection. All this to the backdrop of captivating characters and an absolutely wicked soundtrack. I am personally a huge fan and lost many hours of sleep to this game.

Now, you might be wondering that's all well and good but isn’t Cassette Beasts only on PC and console? A valid point well made. Rather excitingly, it was been announced that Cassette Beasts will soon be launched on mobile, exposing it to a whole new audience who can also fall in love with it. We don’t have a date yet, but more news is expected to follow in the next month.

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Owners of any version of the game will be pleased to hear that May 20th will introduce another free update, allowing a larger scope of multiplayer. Instead of just local, now eight players from all over the world can meet in New Wirral to battle fusions, take part in PvP battles, or simply trade cassettes. There will also be cross-play across all platforms, which hopefully includes the mobile version.

Cassette Beasts did lack a bit in the fashion sector, having limited options, but luckily also starting May 20th there will be a collaboration event with Moonstone Island, another catch em all in publisher Raw Furys’ catalogue. This will include a few Moonstone-themed costumes coming to New Wirral, and in return, adorable cassette Pombomb will scamper over to Moonstone.

Luckily, it has been confirmed Cassette Beasts will be coming to both Android and iOS, so now we play the waiting game.