Stumble Guys takes on Dungeon Master duties with massive new Dungeons and Dragons collaboration

By , on April 1, 2024
Last modified 3 weeks, 3 days ago

It makes me incredibly pleased to see Dungeons and Dragons getting more and more screentime with the recent movie and of course Baldur Gate 3. Now Stumble Guys is embracing the tabletop legends with quite the beefy collaboration.

To honour D&Ds 50th anniversary Stumble Guys has implemented two massive new courses crammed with lava, traps, Kobolds, Beholders, and of course, the titular Dragons, all the while being harassed by the encroaching prismatic wall. Do not abandon hope through heroes, as you can tackle these challenges as one of four D&D classic classes.

Each of these comes equipped with their own special skills. The Warrior keeps their beloved meathead attitude, swinging an axe that breaks barrels, cuts chains, and knocks other players out. You also get a small speed boost, perfect for those hit-and-runs. Next, the Rogue is a master of movement, packing a huge jump to skip hazards, and opponents, and find hidden routes.

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Unfortunately, Wizards do not stay true to form by Fireballing everything in sight, instead opting to go for a teleportation technical. This goes straight ahead for a set length, so make sure you aren't admiring the scenery when you cast it. Finally, Clerics can put up a Holy shiel to block all players, nonplayers, and environmental hazards, allowing them to just plough on through the course.

If you find yourself missing those little balls of explodey goodness, then luckily you can unlock new cosmetics including the Juggling Fireballs Victory Animations, embrace your inner bard with the Lute Strum taunt, and dress up as Stumblers such as a D20, or most importantly, a mother flipping Owlbear.

To help you unlock these the developers have revamped the Stumble Pass, completely ripping out linear progression and giving you full control of what rewards you unlock when. As you unlock Pass Levels you will get a Pass Token to unlock the cosmetics and items you want, which of course, is the Owlbear.

Stumble Guys is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.